Textile Engineering Department

  • 2021年7月8日

[AJL] Weft insertion trouble large loop ⑤

⑤ Is the actual arrival angle too early or too late for the set arrival angle? The thread is ejected from the EDP.The opening and closing timing of the EDP pin is preset, and if it is out of that, it […]

  • 2021年7月5日

[AJL] Weft insertion trouble Short pick long pick ④

④ Check the position of the solenoid pin The solenoid pin may not be in the center of the hole in the length measuring band.It doesn’t matter if it is slightly off, but if the pin hits the edge […]

  • 2021年5月21日

[AJL] Weft insertion trouble Short pick long pick ③

③ Check the balloon sensor The balloon sensor may not be detecting the value.If you have a loom from about 20 years ago, you can check on the panel whether the value of the balloon sensor is detected. […]

  • 2021年5月7日

[AJL] Weft insertion trouble Short pick long pick ②

② Wear check around the solenoid pin Guide bush wear If it is worn, it will hinder the movement of the pin. At first glance, it may be judged that it is hindering, but if it cannot be judged, it is ju […]

  • 2021年5月6日

[AJL] Weft Insertion Trouble Short pick Long Pick ①

① Check the distance between the solenoid pin and the measuring length band 測長バンド=measuring length band,ソレノイドピン=solenoid pin If the distance is too far Another volume of thread may come out before the […]

  • 2021年4月23日

[AJL] Weft breakage outside the woven fabric ③

③ Reduce rpm It is necessary to slow down the weft to alleviate the shock when the weft arrives.The most effective way to slow down the weft speed is to reduce rpm.Since the amount of air required dec […]

  • 2021年4月19日

[AJL] Weft breakage outside the woven fabric ②

② Check the weft insertion angle and reaching angle A big shock occurs when the weft reaches the end. And the weft may break because it cannot withstand this shock. To reduce this shock, the weft spee […]

  • 2021年4月15日

[AJL] Weft breakage outside the woven fabric ①

① Check the timing of the end of blowing of the main nozzle About the actual behavior of the air valve Above actually Below ideal When the air valve closes, the air does not completely come out at the […]

  • 2021年4月14日

[AJL] Weft insertion trouble end curling ②

② Check the sub nozzle on the end side Make sure that the sub-nozzle on the end side has the recommended settings. Often, the number of sub-nozzles is insufficient, or the angle of the sub-nozzles is […]

  • 2021年4月12日

[AJL] Weft insertion trouble end curly①

①-1 Confirmation of reaching angle Check if the weft arrives too late or too early. Determine the timing of arrival at each sub-nozzle from the timing of arrival of the weft. Then, check if the inject […]