Textile Engineering Department

  • 2021年4月19日

Weft breakage outside the woven fabric ②

② Check the weft insertion angle and reaching angle A big shock occurs when the weft reaches the end. And the weft may break because it cannot withstand this shock. To reduce this shock, the weft spee […]

  • 2021年4月15日

Weft breakage outside the woven fabric ①

① Check the timing of the end of blowing of the main nozzle About the actual behavior of the air valve Above actually Below ideal When the air valve closes, the air does not completely come out at the […]

  • 2021年4月14日

Weft insertion trouble end curling ②

② Check the sub nozzle on the end side Make sure that the sub-nozzle on the end side has the recommended settings. Often, the number of sub-nozzles is insufficient, or the angle of the sub-nozzles is […]

  • 2021年4月12日

Weft insertion trouble end curly①

①-1 Confirmation of reaching angle Check if the weft arrives too late or too early. Determine the timing of arrival at each sub-nozzle from the timing of arrival of the weft. Then, check if the inject […]

  • 2021年4月9日

Weft insertion trouble large loop ④

④-1 Pressure check of sub-nozzle It depends on the old and new looms and the type of sub-nozzle. Basically, the sub nozzle should be set above the pressure of the main nozzle. When it comes to new loo […]

  • 2021年3月30日

Weft insertion trouble large loop ③

③-1 Check the height of the sub nozzle The height of the sub-nozzle is related to the thread carrying force, but it is not necessary to adjust all to a uniform height. If the number of sub-nozzles, wh […]

  • 2021年3月29日

Weft insertion trouble large loop ②

② Check the injection timing of the sub nozzle Check using the above sheet. The new loom(after JAT600) sets the timing automatically. However, there are times when the automatic settings are out of or […]

  • 2021年3月17日

Weft insertion trouble large loop ①

① Sub-nozzle and piping check Checking the air pressure Check the pressure by injecting air from the sub nozzle in manual mode. If there is a nozzle whose air pressure from the sub nozzle is weaker th […]

  • 2021年3月2日

Weft insertion trouble  loop⑨

⑨ The breeze volume is not suitable Care must be taken when weaving a fine count fabric after weaving a thick count fabric. The breeze volume for thick counts and the breeze volume for fine counts may […]

  • 2021年2月26日

Weft insertion trouble  loop⑧

⑧ Temple check Make sure the cloth has not fallen from the edge of the temple. If it has fallen, the condition of the opening will change.  normal. The edge of the cloth has fallen. Change the angle o […]