[AJL] Weft insertion trouble  loop ⑤

⑤ When the cause is the cutter on the left

・ Is the tip of the thread fluffy after cutting the weft?

If the cutter becomes dull, the tip of the thread will become fluffy.
Since it is not completely cut, the thread is torn off by the movement of the nozzle.
Since the tip of the thread is pulled, the thread posture is disturbed.
In some cases, the thread will not cut and the tip will remain on the edge of the fabric.

・ Is the timing of the cutter wrong?

If the timing is not right, the weft will be out of the cutter’s range of motion before it is cut.

・ After cutting the weft, is the thread posture between the main to tandem or the tandem to drum bad?

The moment the weft is cut with a cutter, back tension is applied to the weft.
Cut blows alleviate this, but if this is not the proper pressure, the thread posture will be disturbed.
It is easy to find on EDP.

・ Is the contact pressure, range of motion, and height of the cutter appropriate?

If the contact pressure of the cutter is too strong, the blade will be sharply reduced. If the contact pressure is too weak, it will not cut.
The range of motion of the cutter should be such that it lightly overlaps the tips of the upper and lower blades.
If the upper and lower blades of the cutter are stacked deeply, the thread will not get between the upper and lower blades.
The height of the cutter should be the same as the lower thread when the lower blade is 180 ° on the loom.

・ Is the combination of cutter and loom parts correct?

The shape of the cutter is slightly different depending on the generation of the loom.
If you assemble it by mistake, it may wear out severely or it may not cut.


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