Calculation method for reed selection

The required reed differs depending on the fabric

We will show you how to calculate how many reeds you need in 1 inch to weave the fabric.

The standard for woven fabrics is basically determined by the density of threads between inches and the weaving width.
The selection of the reed is determined by the weaving width and the number of thread inserts.

Warp density = (warp thread number/inch)
Weaving width = Woven width in a relaxed state
Number of pull-in threads = Number of threads in 1 reed
Reed thread width = Distance from the edge of the left temple to the edge of the right temple

There is the following relationship between the Reed thread width and the Weaving width.

Reed thread width = Weaving width * (1+Shrinkage rate)

Shrinkage rate varies depending on the woven fabric density, material, and woven fabric structure.
As a tendency,

①The less the thread bends, the less the shrinkage rate.
Ex,Plain weave (large shrinkage) > satin weave (small shrinkage)
②The softer the material of the thread, the lower the shrinkage rate.
③The lower the density, the lower the shrinkage.
Ex,90 x 90 / inch (large reduction)> 30 x 30 / inch (small reduction)
④The thinner the thread, the lower the shrinkage rate.

When making a new reed with a new fabric, it is most effective to infer the shrinkage ratio from the reed of a similar textile standard.