Weave width may change over time

When does weave width change?

First of all, the things that change with time are temperature and humidity.
If the temperature and humidity are not controlled,
the temperature and humidity may differ between morning and noon, or noon and evening.

When the humidity is high

The water content of the thread increases → It absorbs moisture and the thread becomes thicker → The width becomes narrower due to the greater bending of the weft.

When the humidity is low

The water content of the thread decreases → Moisture is released and the thread becomes thinner → The width becomes Wider due to less bending of weft


In addition

The area where the cloth is wound is difficult to absorb and release moisture, so the width does not change.
Therefore, when the woven fabric is spread out, the width changes as if it were wavy.


under condition, woven fabrics whose width is easily change

Good hygroscopicity like cotton

Woven fabric has many intersections (plain weave> twill weave> satin weave

High density