[AJL] Weft insertion trouble large loop ③

③-1 Check the height of the sub nozzle

The height of the sub-nozzle is related to the thread carrying force,
but it is not necessary to adjust all to a uniform height.
If the number of sub-nozzles, which are higher or lower than the standard, is unevenly arranged, it may cause a problem of carrying force.

③-2 Check the angle of the sub nozzle

The angle of the sub-nozzle can be an issue.
Especially if you are using a type of sub-nozzle that is not a reverse taper type,
you need to switch all sub-nozzles to the optimum angle every time the fabric changes.
This is because the injection direction of the sub-nozzle changes depending on the air pressure.

Sub-nozzle form①  Sub-nozzle form②

If the direction of the air injection from the sub-nozzle is too directed toward the reed,
the thread posture will be easily disturbed and it may stop in a large loop.


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