[AJL] Weft insertion trouble large loop ①

① Sub-nozzle and piping check

Checking the air pressure

Check the pressure by injecting air from the sub nozzle in manual mode.
If there is a nozzle whose air pressure from the sub nozzle is weaker than others,
First, check if the sub-nozzle piping is broken.
If the pipe is not broken, the sub-nozzle itself may be clogged.
In that case, the cause is often oil stains from the compressor.

Confirmation of pipe length

If not, check the sub-nozzle piping length and its route.
Make the piping length as short as possible.
Position the route so that it does not come into contact with other pipes or looms as much as possible.
The reason is that if the piping is long, the piping may bend during driving and air may not come out.


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