[AJL] Weft insertion trouble  loop⑨

⑨ The breeze volume is not suitable

Care must be taken when weaving a fine count fabric after weaving a thick count fabric.
The breeze volume for thick counts and the breeze volume for fine counts may differ.
If the breeze is not appropriate, the thread may be ejected from the main nozzle at the same time as the pin is opened.
The figure above shows the relationship between the injection angle of the main nozzle and the pin open angle of the EDP.
If the amount of breeze to the thin thread is not appropriate, the angle at which the thread is ejected will be faster than expected.
In that case, it may hit the edge of the fabric.
In addition, the thread may get into the reed when the sub-nozzle is not injecting, which may disturb the thread posture.


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