Comparison between electronic opening loom and cam and dobby loom ②(AJL)

Advantage point

Because the cross timing can be set for each frame,
Electronic open looms are advantageous for weaving fabrics with multiple textures, such as striped fabrics.


Ex: In the case of a single beam, a combination of 1/1 plain weave and 3/1 twill weave, the warp tension of the plain weave structure part is stronger and the warp tension of the twill weave structure part is lower.

The circle indicates the weft. The black line shows the warp.
Assuming that one side of the black line in the above figure is 0.1 mm, it can be seen that plain weave uses 0.9 mm warp threads and twill weave uses 0.5 mm warp threads. Therefore, the warp threads are more likely to loosen in the twill weave.


As a result, the part of twill weave may drop the dropper or cause vertical piles.
In such a case, the electronic opening loom can solve the problem by advancing the cross timing of the frame of the plain weave part and delaying the cross timing of the frame of the twill weave part.
The earlier the cross timing, the better the weft driving performance. Instead, the warp threads are reed in a form that creates a difference in tension, so the warp threads are consumed slightly more.

By the way, in order to reduce the difference in warp tension between the plain weave part and the twill weave part, the plain weave part is set to 5 or 6 frames.
Comparing the warp threads of the front and back frames, the warp threads of the back frame are basically looser.